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The West Alabama CAC is a local non-profit organized to help child victims of sexual and physical abuse in Lamar, Fayette and Pickens counties. Individuals or companies have a unique way to support us by clicking  on the Amazon Logo below.  Each time you link through our site and make a purchase, a donation is provided to our organization at no cost to you. Please come to this sight before you shop on Amazon.  If you will email us your email address and name we will provide undated information on specials and promotions. Our Email Address is: (If no banner appears below, please click on this address:






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Click on the donate button below, and choose your amount. If you want to pay using one of the credit cards below and do not have a paypal account just follow the instructions. If you have a paypal account, you know what to do. It is easy, fast, and secure. Thanks in Advance!

















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Guide to Bequests:  By leaving a gift by your "Will" to the WACAC you actually may provide more for your heirs. Because the WACAC is a charitable organization, your estate will enjoy the benefits of the unlimited charitable contribution deduction. Whatever you give to the WACAC  through your will it won't be included in your taxable estate, reducing the tax burden on your loved ones. 

Important Guidelines: Federal tax rules parallel income tax regulations in many ways, but with this favorable difference: there are not maximums on the dollar amount of the charitable deduction. If you are so inclined, you can leave your entire estate to a qualified charitable institution, such as the WACAC, and your estate won't be subject to a penny of tax.  

How to Guidelines: To make a bequest to the WACAC, your will or codicil might state:  I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to the WACAC, a Alabama charitable organization located in Vernon, AL, the sum of $__________ to be used by the Board of Directors as it shall deem advisable to best promote the goals and mission of the WACAC. 

Important Note: Always consult an attorney when considering making a bequest to any organization. Guidelines change!!   For More Information: Email us with your name, phone number,  and the best time to contact you and we will gladly get in touch with you. Email: Thanks !!



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