Services Provided

Video Testimony:   Child abuse victims are interviewed, and recorded. Video equipment is used to reduce the stress associated with multiple interviews.    

Multi-disciplinary Case Review:  Child abuse cases are reviewed and monitored by a team of professionals from law enforcement, the Department of Human Resources, the District Attorney's Office, mental health, medicine, and our Center. These professionals work together to ensure that the child's needs are met.    

On-Site Counseling:   Child victims and their non-offending family members are provided counseling services at the West Alabama Children's Advocacy Center,  and referrals to off-site counselors as requested.    

Court Preparation:  Child victims are familiarized with the activities of a court room and are prepared to participate in court as needed.    

Case Investigation:   Multi-disciplinary team members work together to gather evidence, investigate charges of sexual and/or severe physical abuse, and to prepare cases for prosecution.    

Community Programs:   Awareness and prevention programs in our area of concern.